Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Balance - noun

1. stability of mind or body: lose one's balance
2. a state of being in balance
3. harmony in the parts of a whole

If you're like me you're not a full time authur writing your first book, in your study in your country mansion. Instead you're more likely to be holding down two jobs while dealing with the demands of a spouse and young child.

Trying to squeeze writing into my life has always presented a problem for me. Given that I work an 8 hour day, spend the best part of 3 hours commuting and ontop of that run my own business I don't have a lot of free time and what time I get I like to use to unwind. I also work most Saturdays with my business and so means I have one free day a week, Sunday and I spend that time with my wife and daughter, Chloƫ who is 2 at then end of next month.

As you can tell I never really had the time for writing and so I've had multiple stories slushing around unwritten in my head for many years.

That all changed recently when I decided to buy my wife a laptop (well I couldn't get it for myself could I?) what this does is gives me around 2 hours a day on the train while I commute to purely focus on writing and editing my book. I think this actually works, I've written 36,000 more words in the last few months than I had in the last five years.

I also think that as a writter you have to be honest with yourself if you can not or are unable to set aside time every day to work on your book then the chances are it'll never become the work that you want it to be.

I think at the moment I've just about got the balance right in my life but it'd be nice to have a few more hours in the day. So if someone could have a word with the person who runs the atomic clock I'd be grateful.



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